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Want a brand bath?

What is a brand bath?

A Brand Bath is Bimbam's unique way of looking into an existing business and completing a brand audit on the company.  We'll take a look at all your existing communications within the company, see how you currently position each of your brands/products/services relative to the existing business structure. We'll challenge the brand values, vision and mission statements of the company and see how your products, services and business offerings match up.  Often or not, this is where confusion is caused within the business, from an end customer point of view, that can hurt your bottom line.


Whilst most agencies love a good brief, BIMBAM likes to help you create one! A brand bath will help us to find out about the status of the brand / business on many different levels so as to submerge ourselves into the nuts and cracks of your business, allowing us to create a more powerful and meaningful brief. A brand bath is all about cleaning up your communications to ensure people looking in from the outside can clearly understand who you are and what you're offering and the benefits.


What are the different stages of a brand bath?


1) SOAK - We'll submerge ourselves into your business, look for all the muddy areas of your brands communications and customer touch points - highlighting both areas of opportunity and vunerability. We'll request both historic and current data to back up key areas of research, we'll be looking for details that demonstrate clear brand and revenue opportunities.


2) SOAP  - We'll look to capitalize on areas of success, clean up others and provide a detailed presentation of where we believe you need to take the brand and where not to, in order to make a sucess of it, the products or services. We'll provide a clear explination of why and demonstrate areas of how.


3) RINSE - The final stages of the brand bath, is to finish with a clear set of briefs of what needs to be communicated, be it old and new. We'll create mulitiple briefs to tackle the strategy for both visual and verbal communications with a clear time scale. . 



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