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BIMBAM is an independant creatively led communications company initated in 1999 to build brands for a multi-cultural world.


Since our associatoin with HGS in 2007, BIMBAM has expanded the services to reach a 360-degree plateau for providing integrated marketing communications, which are making our clients stand out from the crowd. 


The success of our growth has been making the change into the digital world, by offering turn-key scalable solutions that bring a new meaning to brand interactivity and depth, both on-line and off-line.


In order to assist our clients to communicate their brands epic-centrically to their target markets, we have coupled our expansion through a network of individuals and organisations, who breed and breathe brands across the globe.


The buzz in new media communications has further propelled the agency to establish a presence in Asia’s key dynamic countries - Singapore, China and India.  Through the mergence of boutique agencies who specialise and compliment each other, BIMBAM has been able to offer more multi-disciplinary functions with a centrally controlled brand guardianship.




Over the last 16 years we have named airlines, launched cosmetic products, distributed clothing labels and created beautified brands in hospitality, retail and fashion building a reputable base of international clients who remain with us today.


We have seen and witnessed widespread visual and verbal noise polution that continues to esculate as a direct result of the digital world.   We have supported our clients through the .com emergence, market collapses, war on terrisosm, SARS, and other disasters. Life is consistantly unpredictable for our clients, we need to be able to think fast, be flexible and deliver cutting edge creative that breaks through the clutter.




But we have also seen mankinds unique ability to adapt and continue to change and upgrade, through pressure and desperation spawns unrivaled creativity, almost a decade on since we began, our consumer is now at a new generation level, one that is incredibly tech savy and often involved in a lifestyle or job that simply didn't exist 10 years ago.


A far more sophisticated and creative consumer, we're talking multi-tasking individuals, building independant life styles, capable of performing 5 or 6 tasks at the same time, a new hybrid consumer means a more hybrid agency, thus a new name BIMBAM and a new system called CREATOLOGY, more cut-through, less obstructive and teasing inspirations that engage our new consumers mind on all levels.




Our tech-savy charged creatives, known as 'creatologers' are located in Singapore,  Hong Kong, Mumbai, Dubai, New York and London and each one trained to feed local market research into a global knowledge base and communications network to inspire and share creativity.


Using our simple black and white methodolgy of balancing verbal and visual noise, across particular thought-out channels of inspiration, our interactive campaigns aim to engage emotional ties between the product/brand and consumer, embarking on cultural changes.


We can't help those that dont believe in:


a) Change

b) Longevity

c) Creativity

d) Challenges

e) Adaptability


We certainly cant help brands that are only interested in saving money by coming to a smaller agency to output their own ideas.


We are ideally set up to create new brands, or brands that need re-energising or need to bring about change.


We can only help you if you believe in brands, and that your brand is or will become your greatest asset through consumer and cultural aspirations.

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